Reducing, reusing and recycling waste are green habits that will make a real difference to the environment. This website is designed to help people living and working in Surrey find the best advice for dealing with the waste they produce.

It includes advice on how to compost garden and food waste, as well as simple tips to cut down on the food you throw away. If you need new furniture, a reuse project can be a great place for a bargain, while local firms will find ways to save money as well as green their business.

Whatever type of waste you produce you'll find advice here on how you can make sure it's reduced, reused or recycled to help secure a greener future for Surrey.

Love Food Surrey

Advice, tips and recipes for reducing food waste and using up leftovers.

Home composting

How you can use your garden and food waste to help your garden grow.

Furniture reuse

Give your house an affordable home makeover or find a hidden treasure.

Green your business

Explore greener and smarter ways of working for your business.