Surrey is composting

Radio Jackie DJ and Carrot Tops presenter, Adam Leone, has his own allotment plot and loves growing his own fruit and veg.  He decided to tell us why he got into composting.



Composting and underground movement?

Gardening and composting isn’t a new hobby. Is there a stigma attached to people blessed with green fingers? Isn’t it about time we blew the cobwebs off the idea that gardening and self sufficiency is meant for older generations – conjuring up images of grandparents tinkering away in the shed and flower enthusiasts pottering around in the mud...


The answer is yes. Being a freelance journalist and broadcaster, you might think it’s in my interest to chase the next story, grill politicians and rub shoulders with celebrities, although this is partly true I also have a thirst for the good life and the great outdoors. That’s why over the last few years, at the ripe old age of 22, I have taken up an allotment and started growing my own fruit and vegetables when I can. The thing that amazed me the most, which spoke volumes – was that I was placed on a waiting list before I could get a plot. Surely the demand is testament to how gardening has suddenly come back into fashion. Once I did finally get a plot, the first thing I did was set up a compost bin, really for practical purposes as I had a whole bunch of different kinds of greenery I had to get rid of on the neglected site – waste not, as they say. This would be my advice for anyone getting out in the garden, which is to get a compost bin in place. It attracts wildlife and after a year or so, you can give your flower beds or growing space a new lease of life for the best price 


After a couple of years of working with Radio Jackie, myself and a fellow presenter by the name of Steve Mowbray came up with the idea of creating a gardening podcast, aimed at turning the stereotype on its head. I, the younger enthusiastic gardener takes on the challenge of trying to get the forty something DJ outside into the garden. The name of this mish-mash of clean living broadcasting has earned the title of Carrot Tops with the purpose to inform and entertain, go to to have a listen.


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