SWP has a joint communications programme to encourage residents to recycle more. The key areas are clothes and home textiles, food, dry mixed recycling, fly-tipping and garden waste.

Clothes and home textiles

Clothes and home textiles

Clothes and home textiles is an important topic for SWP as a waste composition analysis in 2013 showed that only 11 per cent of the 10,547 tonnes of textiles collected by district/borough councils were separated for reuse or recycling. At community recycling centres (CRCs), 31 per cent of the 5,398 tonnes collected were separated.

The 2017 campaign is highlighting the different ways that Surrey residents can recycle their clothes and home textiles - either through district and borough collection services (where available) or recycling banks.

The 2015 campaign was awarded Campaign of the Year at the LGC Awards 2016, and the Most Effective Marketing and Communications Campaign at the CIWM Sustainability and Resource Awards 2015.

Food waste campaign


Surrey was the first county to introduce a weekly food waste collection in all districts and boroughs, and now runs campaigns to encourage residents to separate all their food waste, every week.

In 2015, 'no food waste' stickers were attached to nearly all rubbish bins in the county, to remind residents to use their weekly food waste collection.

While in 2016, a key campaign message informed residents that they could now use plastic bags in their food waste caddies - watch our film about the change.

Are you recycling rightDry mixed recycling and contamination

In 2016 the partnership ran a three month campaign which aimed to reduce contamination in recycling bins. This used advertising to encourage regular recyclers to check what they can and can't recycle, as services change. This was supported by a delivery of a service guide to most homes in the county and the creation of an online search tool and app.

The contamination campaign was followed by a general focus on dry mixed recycling, which reiterated why recycling is important and focused on the materials which Surrey residents can recycle. Watch our film which encouraged people to recycle as much as they can.

Tip offFly-tipping

A Surrey-wide campaign took place in 2016 to highlight the consequences of fly-tipping in Surrey. Communications were targeted at residents, businesses and landowners, and particularly sought to highlight people's duty of care for the proper disposal of their waste.

Watch our film which highlighted residents' duty of care.

The campaign contributed to a 30 per cent drop in the amount of fly-tipped waste over a 10 month period, making a £125,000 saving in disposal costs.

Be green with you garden waste

Garden waste

Due to the amount of garden waste still being put in rubbish bins, the SWP ran its first garden waste communications in March 2016.

It aimed to highlight three ways that residents can get rid of their garden waste - home composting, district/borough collection services and at community recycling centres.