Waste collectionFind out about some of the Surrey Waste Partnership's projects.

New ways of working together

SWP is investigating new ways of working together to make waste services even more efficient and effective.

Some of the district and borough councils are looking into joining up waste services with the county council and delivering these through a single team. Other district and borough councils are working with the county council to explore different ways of working together more effectively.

Joint Waste Solutions

The partnership has supported four of Surrey's district and borough councils to bring their waste collection services together to form Joint Waste Solutions. They have jointly procured a single waste, recycling and street cleaning contract.

By working together there will be savings of around £2.5 million a year while maintaining high quality customer service. Find out more by reading the Joint Waste Collection Contract frequently asked questions.


The partnership adopted a joint fly-tipping strategy in 2016 which aimed to tackle fly-tipping in the county. This includes co-ordinating and enhancing prevention, investigation and enforcement activities. Visit the joint communications page to find out about the SWP fly-tipping campaign.


A team dedicated to improving recycling and tackling contamination of bins in blocks of flats has been established by the partnership. They will be working with Surrey's district and borough councils in key flat developments over the next two years.

They will be identifying where improvements can be made, trialling new communal bins and helping to introduce new services such as textiles and small electrical collections where possible. The team will also share what they learn across the partnership.